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Break your own Geodes (1 lb.)

Trancas Geodes
Trancas Geodes
Trancas Geodes
Break your own Whole TRANCAS GEODES .

Natural hollow crystal mineral specimens, number of specimens range from approximately 3 to 6 stones depending on size.

Trancas Geodes 1Lb Lots
  • Quantity: 3-6 stones per lot
  • Size: 1 1/4 - 2 inches (approx.)
  • Origin: Morocco  
  • Shape: whole hollow
  • Color: natural
  • Photo: Show Sample

Grab a bag of geodes for a fun and educational project. You will receive Whole Moroccan Geodes Hollow Crystal Centers around 1- 2". (approximately)

Makes a unique gift idea. Also great for classrooms and other educational groups. Moroccan geodes produce a great looking geode when cracked open. Opening them is easy. They are more hollow than other geodes and therefore break open easier. They also tend to produce more crystals.

Over 99% of our Moroccan geodes have awesome crystals waiting to be discovered. Just grab a sock and a hammer and crack open a geode. Easy as that. Moroccan geodes are a great pick as a gift or a classroom project. 

1lb per Order.

*Please note the hammer and Bag are not included.

Always wear eye protective goggles along with adult supervision

** we do our best to ensure that each stone is hollow however these are whole Stone and this cannot be 100 percent guaranteed**

Trancas Geodes
Trancas Geodes
Trancas Geodes