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Natural Rough Mini Agate Oco Geodes

  • Stone: Rough Oco Agate Geode
  • Other Names: agate geodes, oco geodes, coconut geodes
  • Colors: Variations of browns, tans, grays, whites (Not every stone will contain every color)*
  • Country of Origin: Brazil
  • Size: Mini, approximately 1/4" to 1 1/2" (Some stones may be slightly larger or smaller)* 
  • Package Weight: We base what is sent on weight. So while the stone count may vary somewhat, you will always receive the full weight).
  • Selection Process: We used a random, blind scoop to "select" the stones we send. If you need specific type of geode, message us and we would be happy to work with you! 
  • Uses: Excellent for art projects, crafts, jewelry making, decoration, mosaics, healing, & rock collections.  
  • Picture: Is a sample of actual product and is typical of the size and quality stones you will receive.
  • Location: We are an American seller! We have your stones in hand and will ship  typically same or next day (Unless listing handling time indicates otherwise).

*Each Oco geode is unique and will vary in size, shape and color. Some have smoother exteriors, others have very rough ones. Some have very deep caverns, others are mostly solid. Some interiors are sparkly with tiny crystals, some have larger crystals, and some don't sparkle at all.

Customer Reviews

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Annie S
GREAT selection - all beautiful!!

I loved the selection of Natural Rough Mini Agate Oco Geodes I received. They were varied and all beautiful. Delivery was quick - and I will definitely be a repeat customer.