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How to Plan a Rose Quartz Wedding

How to Plan a Rose Quartz Wedding

With weddings season around the corner, it's time to consider planning for a crystal wedding. Crystals are gaining traction as a fashion item. Indeed jewelry expert, Carol Woolton, has called it the "new stone age", in this article. One of the most beautiful crystals to incorporate in a wedding is rose quartz. In fact, it may be the ultimate  wedding crystal. It's known universally as the gemstone of unconditional love. It's gentle soft pink can be incorporated into every aspect of the decorating process, and can be offset with complimentary colors such as white, grey, and other colors. Rose Quartz is a great color for either indoor or outdoor settings.

Rose quartz column

Uses for Rose Quartz Crystals in Your Wedding

Not only is rose quartz the perfect wedding color, there are many uses for the crystals themselves in your wedding planning. Heart shaped gems can be used in glass bowels as part of your table decorations. You can also accent the order of ceremony cards with a heart shaped rose crystal. The larger chunks of rose quartz also make beautiful center pieces for table decoration. 

rose quartz heart

 Small pieces of rose quartz could be substituted for rose petals to be sprinkled down the bridal runway. Oh, and don't forget the cake! Be sure to accent with rose quartz crystals on or around the cake as well. And a small piece of custom jewelry, such as a custom rose quartz bracelet, could make a great gift for your friends and family to remember your special day by. 

In conclusion there are so ways that rose quartz crystals can really accent your wedding. It only takes a little imagination to create the wedding of your dreams, and NJTraderswarehouse is here to help contribute to your ultimate rose quartz wedding. As always, if you have any questions about our gemstones or crystals, we are here to answer any questions, to help you in the selection process.

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